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Commission Process

I endeavour to make the commission process a stress free and pleasant experience. I'm happy to answer, without obligation, any queries or concerns you may have.

I work mainly from photos when creating  a portrait.  I will either require emailed photos or alternatively the subject can come for a photo session and quick sketches in my studio. I like to take my own photos  whenever possible and I find meeting the subject helps me get an idea of their character and expressions. A photo shoot is not essential and often not possible which is not a problem - many of the portraits shown on this website have been created without ever meeting the subject.

For the initial consultation we will discuss and agree the size and medium for the portrait and whether a photo shoot will be required or if the provided photo reference is suitable. 

The completion time depends on the complexity of the commission and my workload at the time. Usually Oil portraits take between 4-10 weeks and charcoal portraits between 2-6 weeks.

When the portrait is completed I will email a photo of the finished piece and the balance will be required. The portrait is only finished when I am 100% happy with the outcome.

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