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My Sketchbook diary - drawing from life everyday

My New Years resolution for 2023 is to try and draw from life every day even if it's just for 5 minutes. Admittedly, it's not going to be realistic to fulfil but I have managed to stick to it for the whole of January. By February I must admit I've started to lag but it has certainly got me into the habit of picking up my sketchbook and drawing from direct observation whenever possible.

It's been a nice opportunity to sketch my Mum on my last few visits to see her at the care-home with Dad. As a subject she is serene and still and although she's unable to communicate and very sleepy these days I find it really comforting to just sit and draw her. These are quick, crude observations but what these life drawings lack in accuracy they make up for in character and expression.

Objects are more readily available but I prefer to draw living things where possible and my dog Yogi, ever present at my side has become my muse. He's the only one of my family who will happily strike a pose for me :)

Other family members aren't so keen to be drawn so I have to be quick or secretly sketch them unawares

My regular life drawing classes have been another good opportunity to sketch from life. I enjoy drawing the whole scene of the model and participants and how the figures interact with one another

I love the spontaneity of drawing from life, it is challenging but a good discipline reproducing the 3 dimensional in to 2 dimensions. Unlike working from photos you get to see the interpretation through the eyes of the artist rather than a camera lens and it some how portrays more of a sense of the moment.

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