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Portrait Artist Painting Children & Adults

Oil painting portraits

Charcoal portraits


I love painting portraits with emotion and personality and have a particular passion for drawing and painting children. My style has a nostalgic and illustrative quality influenced by the colourful Ladybird book illustrations of my childhood and my love of the wistful portraits of the Pre-Raphalite painters.

To inquire about getting a portrait of a loved one you can download a pdf of my commission process here   or      get in touch 

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"Livvy I am thrilled with your work. I knew exactly what I wanted before I started this process, but I was not certain that I would be able to find a truly capable portrait artist who would be willing or interested in taking the time to understand my objectives.

As it turned out, it was a joy to feel connected to you and the process. In my view, the portrait is just magnificent, but your willingness to allow me to participate in the project and go the extra mile to satisfy your client was just as important."

Bruce Foster, Maryland, USA

"Livvy there are no words to express how in love with the portrait I am. Utterly gorgeous..."    

Gemma Bowles, Hampshire UK

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