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Tribute to a loving husband and Grandad

Sadly, a large proportion of my commissions are to paint loved ones who have passed away and the last few months have been no exception.

It's impossible to not be drawn in by the individual stories of the people I paint - I always feel meloncholy while working on the commissions like this. Although the feeling stays with me for a while, it's that emotion that drives me to do the best job I can

I was commissioned by a lady recently to paint this portrait (below) of her late husband who had passed recently. In the photo he is sat with his grandsons in their favourite spot by the garden pond.

She had subsequently moved house and It was this precious and intimate moment of her three boys that she wanted to remember and take with her

Sometimes the client has limited photos of the subject or the photos have to be tweaked so I have to work with what I have. In this case the composition had to be changed slightly to make the pond more visible. I also brought the little boy on the left further into the image as his left side was slightly out of the image and reduce the space between him and his grandad.

The red orange iris's in the background were not in flower when the photo was taken so she asked for them to be painted in so they would forever be in bloom, like her husbands memory

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