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Feeling Emotional during lockdown

I've been trying to remain productive over the last few weeks of lockdown although, I have been finding it hard to stay motivated with very few deadlines to work to and all future plans cancelled. Some days, everything just feels a bit pointless. But then I remind myself how incredibly lucky I am that I'm able to carry on with my routine in the safety of my home whilst many others on the frontline have no such luxury:(

I've been really missing my Mum since she moved into her carehome recently and we've not been allowed to see her. I miss holding her hand and her comforting smell.

I painted this portrait below - it was painted from a photo which I took the last time I saw her, I was thinking how graceful and stylish she still looks in her faux fur hat. We were sat in the cafe together and she liked to look out the window.

I find when I draw and paint her it makes me feel closer to her again.

I'm not sure when to decide that it's finished, I am tempted to add more detail to the face but I also want to keep the ambiguous quality and the sense that it is more of a shadow of Mum..

I have many more recent images of her that I feel compelled to work on, as well as some pre-dementia images of her that I'm painting for my Dad to remember her how she used to be.

Here are some recent charcoal portraits I've been working on (below)

This beautiful pregnant lady wanted a charcoal portrait of her two young children and one of her carrying her third child to give to her husband for his birthday:)

Here are her two little ones

Inevitably, I had to postpone all my classes and workshops for this Spring and I am so missing them.. Especially my fortnightly life drawing sessions - I'm feeling rusty and out of practice already and missing all my lovely regulars. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can resume again soon..