Portraits of local characters

I've been looking back at past projects I've worked on over the years and in particular I wanted to showcase my pastel portraits.

A Pastel portrait has all the vibrancy and realism of an oil painting but is quicker to produce, so if you're thinking of commissioning a portrait they are always a popular and affordable choice.

The portrait below is from a series of pastel portraits celebrating local people that I exhibited a few years back. He is my local postie, David and such a friendly character that I had to paint him for the exhibition

He is a well-liked and familar face around town and can often be seen chatting and laughing with his customers. Despite experiencing some really sad times in his own personal life he is consistently cheerful whatever the weather, and he always puts a smile on my face :)

Below are a few more characters of local shop keepers and stall holders from the same exhibition

(Pastel on canson paper)

Below is from another portrait exhibition, again celebrating local people-, this time the musician friends of mine at my local pub.

The music scene is second to none in Petersfield and I'm always amazed that such a small town can turn out so many talented people

'Jase' a drummer friend (Pastel on textured paper)

(Pastel on textured paper)

Above, more from the same exhibition 'Ellie' a singer/sonwriter, 'Ant' a guitarist/singer and 'Chloe' a singer/songwrite - they've all played regularly at the Open Mic night at my local pub

And lastly below are various past portrait commissions (Pastel on textured board)

If you're interested in commissiong a pastel portrait of a loved one get in touch here

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