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'Selfie'- A painting from the film Thelma & Louise

I've enjoyed contining with my tv and films theme and have recently painted this scene from the early 90s classic Thelma & Louise.

The image makes me feel so joyful and it conjours up a feeling of summer vibes so I thought it would be a good addition to the recent exhibition I had in August - paintings of summer scenes.

Although the painting was taken from a retro image it looks like it could have been taken today - in the film the two friends are taking what was probably the first ever 'selfie' using a polaroid camera that she's holding. But I love the fact that it could also be two girls present day taking a selfie on their phone.

The film Thelma & Louise was ahead of it's time in many ways - it was screen written by a woman and had two women as the main characters, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.

It told the bitter-sweet story of two outlaw women on the run from their dreary lives - it turned the tables on hollywood and became a cultural statement of female defiance.

It reminds me of happy times in my teens and twenties when the film first hit the screens and for me this painting is a symbol of friendship, freedom and hope.

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