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Painting a Smile :) A portrait Commission of a serene lady

Oil on Canvas 20 x 24 "

I have been lucky enough to reach out to a wider audience recently and have had some commissions from across the pond. This smiling lady was commissioned by an American couple.

Her husband wanted a large oil painting of his wife as a surprise gift. We had a lovely chat on the phone where we were able to discuss the commission in further detail.

It turned out that his mother was Scottish and had met and fallen in love with his father- an American soldier during WW2 and they got married and moved to the States. So he was pleased to have found a British artist to rekindle that connection. His wife is from Italian dissent surprisingly given her fair complexion and rosie cheeks.

I was sent various photos of her as a young woman aswell as present day for me to work from. She had recently overcome cancer and he wanted the painting to have a few meaningful additions - a black and gold necklace, gold hoop earings and her aviator sunglasses that she was never without. He wanted this particular pose of her in her natural state - informal and relaxed.

She is an attractive lady with smiling eyes, white even teeth and apple cheeks. She has an infectious smile and I kept finding myself smiling as I studied her mouth while I was painting:)

Artists often find painting smiling expressions challenging as it can easily look like a grimace especially with all the teeth showing. And this was no exeption, I had to rework it to get a natural look.

After a lot of adjusting I felt happy with the end result and her husband and children were thrilled with the portrait.

Her smiling face is a a celebration of life against the odds, she comes through strong yet serene

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