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Man-Child: Paintings of my son at different stages of his life

I've been enjoying working on a series of portraits of my son Miles this month.

He has an interesting face to paint with his deep set eyes and intense gaze. His face has always looked older than his years and he never really had a 'baby face' when he was young. Infact he was a very strange looking baby with a full set of teeth and a full head of hair by the time he was 6 weeks old!

I find it facinating how my children evolve over the years and recently he has had such a metamorphosis that I felt the need to paint him before he loses all vestiges of his boyishness

'ManChild' - Oil on Board

There's something about drawing and painting this age group that I find really interesting - I think it's the heightened emotions and angst of the teen stage that seems to find it's way on to the canvas. It makes for a great subject matter

These 2 paintings (above and below) were taken from a video still taken last year. I like working from film footage as you can freeze frame at the exact angle you want, and it somehow adds a more filmic quality to the paintings which I like.

'Miles in Profile" Oil on paper

In "Miles in Profile" I liked the way the front of his face was away from the light casting a cool greenish shadow on his flesh tones. Because he's quite skinny I could clearly see his bone structure under the skin and the anatomy of his neck and jaw.

Looking back at past paintings he is unrecognisable from the little boy he once was (below) :(

'TigerFace' - Oil on canvas

"Miles' Stare" 2009 - Oil on canvas (2009)