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Characters from 'Stranger Things' Netflix series

I had some fun over the summer drawing pastel portraits of the characters from 'Stranger Things' Netflix series. This series has been a big hit in my household, my kids love it's retro appeal and it takes me back to my youth being a teen in the 80s.

'Eleven' 'Dustin' 'Eddie'

'Max' 'Will'

The story centres on supernatural events occurring around a small town and their impact on the characters in the community.

What I particularly loved about it was it's strong female characters and references to other 80s films of that time. It's a celebration and homage to the pop culture of 1980s .

The critically acclaimed series has been popular with young and and old alike with it's atmospheric soundtrack and sense of nostalgia.

These portraits are 8 x 6 inch signed pastel illustrations on Canson acid-free paper.

If you are interested in buying individual portraits or as a bundle get in touch here

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