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A Portrait to mark a Milestone

I recently finished this oil portrait of a young woman.

Her mother commissioned me to paint it to mark a special milestone in her life- she was leaving home for Uni.

When she came for her sitting she struck me as a confident and cheerful girl, we agreed a light hearted expression for the painting would best capture her personality.

It was lovely to see a young woman in her prime, full of hopes for the future and excited about embarking on a new chapter of her life. The little astronaught pendant she wore around her neck symbolised her love of science, she is studying astro physics at university!

When I saw she had a head of thick reddish golden hair I was very pleased. From an artists point of view painting red hair is very enjoyable with all the warm hues of aubern and ochre. Her colourings reminded me my favourite Pre-raphaelite paintings of young red-haired women with milky complexions (below)

The girl is the second of three daughters, her Mum wanted the painting to hang along side her sisters portrait- I was commissioned to paint her older sister (below) a few years earlier when she left for Uni

When I painted her sister she came across as more thoughtful and pensive with an intense gaze. Being one of three sisters myself I know how different we all are, we may look similar but have such individual personalities.

I think I've managed to capture their own characters in these paintings and I am very much looking forward to meeting their youngest sister when she leaves home in a few years and adding a third painting to complete the trio.

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait of a loved one get in touch here