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A Portrait of Queen Elizabeth 2nd to giveaway in my next newsletter sent on 19th September 2022

For a chance to win this 10 x 8" pastel drawing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd on Ingres acid free paper, sign up to my newsletter on the homepage and be entered into the prize draw on 19th September 2022

Monarchist or anti-royalist -whatever your viewpoint, it's been hard to not get caught up in the out pouring of emotion at the news of our Queen's passing last week. It's impossible to avoid, every channel on TV there is live commentary of this unfolding monumental event in our history

The news has touched all people regardless of age, class, nationality or culture.

Watching tv as her Majesty lies in State, I was surprised to see the diversity of people who had queued many hours to pay their respects, from all walks of life - young and old alike. The genuine emotion on their faces as they entered Westminster Hall was palpable. I think even though most of us didn't know her personally, Queen Elizabeth's passing is a poignant reminder of our own losses and that nothing in life is constant.

The Queen has become such an icon for her 70 year reign that sometimes it's hard to remember that she was actually a real person. It's been interesting and heart warming this week to learn more about the human being she was behind the formal figure...

RIP Your Highness

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