A Man of Substance

It's always nice to hear from clients across the pond and this American gentleman is a returning customer. He commissioned me to paint his wife's portrait last year and thought it would be good to have one of him to go along side it (below)

He is an interesting and accomplished man, after our correspondances during the commission I learned that he is an Emergency Physican, a published author aswell as a pilot who is also fluent in French!

I wanted to capture the kindness in his eyes and a look of wisdom and knowledge but also a slight impishness in his features revealing a man with high energy and a zest for life.

He was happy with the finished painting, he and his wife now have a family heirloom to pass down to their children.

He also commissioned me to paint some old friends of his who live in France (below)

He wanted to remember the good times they'd all had together in more carefree times. He presented the finished painting to the couple when he visited them in France as a gift to celebrate their longstanding friendship

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