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Painting Family portraits

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June/July has been my busiest time of the year for commissions and I've been working on several jobs mostly of multiple portraits. I've recently finished a charcoal commission of 4 siblings. (below ) An older brother, sister and baby twin girls all under the age of six, their Mum certainly has her hands full!

The family came for a sitting and after being couped up for a 2 and half hour car journey from London they arrived in a whirlwind of chatter and mischief.

They were an adorable bunch and such characters. The little girl was inquisitive and thoughtful by nature with cute freckles and her brother had a cheeky shyness and the most amazing curly hair which I wanted to showcase.

The twin babies were so identical when I first saw them that it was only the pattern on their dresses that set them apart. They both had these huge blue eyes, heart shaped face and little rose-bud lips. But the more I studied them the more I could see slight differences. One had wavier hair and the other a more rounded face. I didn't want the twins' portraits to be too similar because obviously they are individual people and different characters. I was pleased with the end result , it always helps when I meet the subjects and take my own photos as it gives me an idea of their personalities.

When I worked on the drawings I found using a grid useful to ge an accurate likeness

I've also just finished these pastel portraits of another family of 4 (below). They are a lovely family who live locally to me. I painted their sons several years ago when they were small and they wanted individual updated portraits of how they all look now.